Snack & Pay

Share the Expenses for your Office Kitchen Online

Beverages for everybody!
Snack & Pay helps you to keep your kitchen organized. Digitalize snacks and coffee and make them available in a webshop. Your colleagues can grab them and note it online. It's just what you would expect from a sophisticated petty cash: it organizes your kitty professionally.
The Office's favourite Pizza
One pays the pizza man and gets the money back from the colleagues? This has always been a mess. But acutally it has never been easier before. With Snack & Pay only one person is needed to manage the finances. This admin can do so in cash or with a dedicated bank account. All participants hold a virtual account with him and register payments for snacks, and beverages in the system. Transfer money between the colleagues is super simple now. Just make sure that the virtual bank accounts are always covered. After all, the admins don't want to be lenders. In the end everybody profits from a functioning supply of snacks and beverages at the workplace.
If you don't have a Smartphone, well
No Cellphones allowed? Colleagues without mobile around? Nevermind, you can set up an old tablet in the kitchen logged-in as a terminal-user. It's as easy as using an ATM. Anyone - including guests - can use it: Simply select the account and enter a PIN for paying, no individual login required.

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